Never Let Me Go Section 1 Quotes

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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1. ‘And I’m a Hailsham student – which is enough by itself’ Kathy pg 3 This clearly shows how the fact of Kathy being a Hailsham student is enough and can make others see her completely different than a normal clone, other donors are from other places and haven’t had a nice experience like she has and the other donors see her as more special and want to hear about her experience of Hailsham ‘remember Hailsham, like it was had been his own childhood’. The word Hailsham had such power and could change the lives of others as it was such an honoured place for clones. This also means that she can choose her own donors because she is from the school of Hailsham and she picks other people from the ‘privileged estates’. When she doesn’t pick the children from these places, they are shocked by the fact she was from Hailsham, ‘Hailsham. I bet that was a beautiful place’ ‘Privileged estates’ pg 4

‘Hailsham. I bet that was a beautiful place’ pg 5
2. ‘Ruth looked at her watch and said even though we still had time, we should get back to the main house, nobody argued.’ Kathy Pg 10 This shows the superiority of Ruth and how she was the leader of the girl’s group in their year, she was the one that makes the decisions for the groups and they follow her and every decision she makes. Every time Ruth would say something about Tommy, ‘the idiot’ and ‘mad animal’ and this was hateful towards him but no one says anything back to her and Ruth would never say this to Tommy’s face which shows she is dominant only in one group and to her own people. However ruth was not the most dominant out of all ‘The idiot’ pg 7

‘Mad animal’ pg 12
3.‘I don’t know how it was where you were, but at Hailsham we had to have some form of medical almost every week.’ Kathy Pg 13 This portrays how Kathy is talking to the audience and infers that the reader is also a clone and this is said numerous amount of times throughout the text. Kazuo makes Kathy talk to the audience like this, some may say that she is talking to the audience openly, like they know what she is and how their life will be however Kazuo shows how Kathy is speaking to another clone and they would know what her life was like. On the first page she also speaks to the audience and this shows how she is introducing herself to another clone. 4.‘Then there were rumours almost every day of pranks that had been played on him’ Kathy pg 15 This shows how there was a constant theme of superiority and Tommy wasn’t the superior character in this chapter and this was because he was constantly bullied by others and this was mainly because of his ‘tantrums’. However even though he was bullied, ‘no one said anything’ to stop him or the bullying from happening, everyone just let it happen, I think this is because of Tommy’s previous incident with Kathy and this reasons to no one saying anything this time. There is also the fact of having the donate organs that has become so common in the minds of the clones that this sort of tantrum doesn’t affect them as much. The incident of Tommy getting bullied in also parallel, to the world we live in- where the not so popular or clever child gets bullied we see this scenario in everyday school life

5. ‘You notice everything, don’t you, Kath?’ Tommy pg 23 This reveals how Kathy notices every single thing that Tommy does and Tommy knows she is always looking. She is clearly intrigued by his behaviour and by the changes that have happened in the past few weeks. This can also show how she wants to know more about other people and how they change, she then finds out what has changed Tommy as soon as she can. She is seen as a caring character, a character who cares for everyone and looks out for everyone. Another reason why she notices everything’s is because maybe deep down in her brain she wants to remember everything of her childhood, after she leaves Hailsham. 6. ‘Didn’t we all dream from time to time about one guardian or other bending the rules and...
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