Never Let Me Go - Marxism

Topics: Kazuo Ishiguro, The Remains of the Day, Forced disappearance Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: February 3, 2013
At the beginning of the novel Never Let Me Go, the readers are introduced to clones, replicates of humans who were created to donate their organs. Told in the perspective of Kathy, the readers learn of life at Hailsham and the struggles the clones experience while trying to be a part of society. In Never Let Me Go, Kazuo Ishiguro uses symbolism to show how the clones will be proletariats despite their attempts at assimilating and being accepted within the mainstream society.

Kathy’s only connection with the outside world disappeared when the tape she bought at the monthly Sales at Hailsham vanished. The items in these Sales were brought to the clones from the outside, as opposed to the clones being able to travel outside Hailsham on their own. Kathy describes the Sales as being “important to [them] because that was how [they] got hold of things from outside” (41). The clones’ only connection with the “normal” society is the Sales. Instead of the clones going to the Sales outside Hailsham the items are brought to them, showing how guarded the students at Hailsham are from the outside. Several months after Kathy bought the tape from these Sales, it went missing. She wondered why she was so upset over the disappearance, supposing that “it had something to do with it being a secret, just how much it had meant to [her]’ (74). The tape had meant a lot to Kathy, being the single connection that she had with the outside. Despite the clones’ efforts to be a part of the mainstream society, their desires are pointless, symbolized by the disappearance of Kathy’s tape.

2nd body paragraph: clones ask for the deferral but discover it’s just a rumor

“Is it the case, then, that deferrals don’t exist? There’s nothing you can do?” (258) “There’s no truth in the rumour. I’m sorry. I truly am.” (258)

-once the clones enter the outside society, they are still classified in a different group from regular people.
-they try to ask for a...
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