Never Let Me Go Chapter 1-3

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  • Published : September 2, 2012
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Evidently, it has been agreeable that everything at Hailsham is oddly puzzling—mysterious. There have been many questions raised by Kathy H. the narrator which encourages the reader to follow her suspects. We agree with many points mentioned by other students: the use of the word ‘guardian,’ the students’ life at Hailsham, and ‘the Gallery.’ However, there is one particular character and the statement she makes that strongly strikes our interest: Miss Lucy and her statement about the students are “not being taught enough.” Miss Lucy advises Tommy that it is not his fault that he is not creative and should not worry about that matter. She tells him that there is at least one person who believes he is a good student even though he is not creating anything. Here is the first question: who exactly is this person she is mentioning? In our opinion, we believe that she is referring to herself. But we do not know clearly why she decides to say it to Tommy. What really is interesting and thought-provoking is when she says that they are “not being taught enough.” This sentence, then, continues with the characters' presumption that it was related to the ‘Donations’ and the mystery of the ‘Gallery.’ It raises us questions about “Why weren't they being taught enough?", "How much can we call 'enough'?", "Is there anything they have not learned yet?", "What is the donation?", and "Is it related to the donors and the carers?" These questions are yet answered. We do not know exactly how they are taught. However, we see the fact that they are made to believe, as if programmed, the same things. At Hailsham, they seem to be living in special culture created to either conceal some facts from the students or to control them. We have an impression that the students at Hailsham are taught by the guardians only what they try to form in their minds. None of these things are truly related to reality of human life or the outside world. We do not know if the Gallery ever exists at the...
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