Never Let Me Go

Topics: Emotion, Keira Knightley, English-language films Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: December 26, 2012
I came to this movie Never let me go only knowing that it was a work of science fiction, but it amazed me, and told a total different story from what I thought it would be. The story begins in the present and then segues to a lengthy flashback from the memory of the heroine. Kathy, Tommy and Ruth, who have grown up together in a boarding school in a kind of alternative-reality England, seemed to lead a life no different from ordinary children. At first the school deliberately hid the particularity of them until one day a new teacher came and told them that they could never lead a normal life like other people did. They were born for certain purpose and apparently they were helpless to change their destiny. They were more commonly called clone men. The only use of them was to donate their organs, and most of them would complete after their third or fourth donation. Movies about clone are not rare like the Island, but Never let me go talked more about the emotions of clone people rather than just being scary or critical upon the moral controversy over clone technology. Seldom people would say they were not impressed by the appealing music and fascinating photography at the first time they watch this movie. As a scientific movie, it had gone so far on the visual composition and left other movies of same kind behind. It redefined the photography of scientific movie and depicted a brand new picture of the life unreal: so beautiful, just like a painting, yet so vulnerable. And the grey tinge brought a depressing feeling to this movie. Comparing to other scientific movies, there was less science and more sense of romance in Never let me go. The fair scene of England in the 60s attracted the audience more and there were truly some breath-taking shoot, like the scene the three sit beside the sea and the wind blowing over the grass. To be honest, my heart skipped a beat by that time. But besides the gorgeous photography, the movie also had further discussed the...
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