Never Let Me Go

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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Never Let Me Go

The novel Never Let Me Go describes the life of Kathy H., a young woman of 31, focusing at first on her childhood memories with classmates Ruth and Tommy at Hailsham all the way to her life as an adult . The story is told from her point of view of her memories of the past and the present. The story takes place in a Dystopian Britain, from first introduction Kathy who informs the reader that she is a “carer” someone who supports and comforts “donors”, until they submit to “completion”. She takes pride in her work to boast she is the best at what she does. It is not until later that the characters realize they have been created only to provide donor organs for human transplants. The novel is divided in three parts, focusing on the three phases of the lives of its main characters. The first part is set at Hailsham, a boarding school where the children are brought up and receive their education. The guardians encourage the students to produce various forms of art and potery.In the second part, the characters, now young adults, move to the "Cottages", residential complexes where they start to interact with the outside world. The third part describes “ completion” how Tommy and Ruth becomes donors and Kathy becoming a “carer”. Kathy cares for Ruth and then, after Ruth "completes" Kathy takes care of Tommy. Before her death, Ruth expresses regret over coming between Kathy and Tommy, true love and urges them to pursue a relationship .Because of her guilt she informes them that she has obtained information on how they can seek to defer their donations based on their love for one another. Encouraged by Ruth's last wishes, Kathy and Tommy try to seek a deferment only to learn that it is just a bording school rumor. The There are several underlining themes in this book.What seamed to be constant in this novel were how the doaners were treated.They theirselves struggled with acceptance;not only with the outside world but...
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