Never Give Up

Topics: Debut albums, Baseball Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Never give up at anything you do. Giving up is one of, if not the biggest sign of a weak person. When you give up , and just throw all of your dreams out of the window, and just forget what all you have sacrificed trying to get where you are today, you are a weak person. I believe that no one should give up, but you need to know when to give up. Myself has actually gave up on one of my best loves I have ever had. Baseball. I was a freshman here at Central High School when it all started. I kept on having family problems, and my girlfriend and I were always fighting. Everything just never seemed to go my way. Everybody, including my family and friends, knew that something was wrong, but I just kept it from them. I have always played baseball, ever since I could walk. My big brother would take me outside when I was at age and just throw the ball back and forth. Rain, sleet, or snow, we were throwing some sort of ball around. Well, anyway as time went on, I got older, into high school and it seemed like everything went down hill from there. I had a lot more responsibility and a lot more on my mind. It seemed that everyday was a struggle. Talking to my parents wasn’t easy; talking to my friends wasn’t easy; I couldn’t even talk to my girlfriend. And by the time baseball had came around, I was just exhausted. I signed up and went to tryouts and we did our same routine like we do all the time: jog four poles, do your sprints, and stretch. Well today, coach wanted to see how fast the whole entire team could run two miles. I was like, “Oh Lord, I really don’t wanna do this.” But of coarse, I did anyway. Well, we started jogging around the field. But I noticed something that is not normally the case; I was dead last. Everybody was ahead of me, and I was trailing behind them. I did not have one bit of urge to even attempt to catch them. I was being very lazy. The whole week goes by and I am still being the same lazy guy in the back. Finally,...
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