Never Ending Summer

Topics: The Sopranos, Carmela Soprano, Anxiety Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: February 25, 2013

Tony uncle johnny, Ronald ‘big ron F, don Antonio, kevin finnerty,Bada bing, T, and skip. All of these names are aliases for a mob boss formally known as Tony soprano. He wasn’t always the boss of a family he had to climb his way up the latter of success from being a normal lackey to being initiated as a made man, then a capo (captain) to finally a boss. Through out his journey tony soprano has committed some heinous acts of violence to reach his position as Boss which contradicts his belief as a Christian man. He struggles to find a balance with his professional and personal life for you see tony is not only the boss of a family, he is also a loving father and husband to his two kids meadow and A.J, also his wife Carmela. This struggle for balance eventually takes its toile on tony health which results in him having frequent panic attacks which leaves him passing out in any location in any given time.

We can describe tony as having sort of a split personality. The side he shows to his employee’s is the professional tony. This tony can commit murder for the sake of business, he also has an extraordinary short temper. For example in one scene tony is shown mercilessly beating up a bada Bing (strip club) employee for speaking up with his own opinion. He likes to be the alpha male and rules with an iron fist. If it turned out one of his capo’s or employee’s flipped, became a rat for the FBI. Tony would not waste a second thought and would easily take the life of a friend. Amazingly the people that work for tony are mostly made up of childhood friends that he has known for years but as soon as he became Boss his relationship with them completely changed. He is feared but also respected by his workers, for if he shows the slightest hint of weakness he would be devoured by the greed and ambition of the men who has pledge loyalty to him. But as I said before this is just a fraction of tony personality; there is another side of tony soprano...
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