Never Ending Problem of Greed.

Topics: Universe, Proton, Particle physics Pages: 5 (2082 words) Published: February 23, 2013
The Never-Ending Problem and The Solution:

The problem:
Mankind is set on a path leaded towards the destruction of its own kind. The earth will survive, it has survived 10,000 * (all of today’s nuclear power) when the KT Event Occurred. The KT event is the same event that led to the demise of non-avian dinosaurs, it consisted of a large asteroid making direct contact with the earth approximately 65 million years ago. The root cause of the problem seems to be a never-ending greed in “advancement”. Do not confuse this “advancement” with evolution in any way. Evolution is formally defined as a change in allele frequency of a population (single species) over time. “Advancement” on the other hand is formally undefined but one can assume its definition to be “a desire towards the materialistic and an untamed urge to consume”. We can break this sentence up in to two parts, “a desire towards the materialistic”, what I mean by this sentence refers to the growing desire for people to acquire material. It could be anything, from things that are required to things of extremely random nature and no use. The second part, “an untamed urge to consume”, what is being consumed? Well, everything and anything. Consumables include anything from services to anything edible, smoke-able, injectable etc. The desire to consume is growing exponentially, much faster than what the earth can recycle (the whole issue about global warming). The medium to facilitate this advancement is money. In today’s world, money is obviously needed, but ones perspective towards it must change. It should be seen as a way to satisfy “needs” not infinite “wants”. One individual should not enjoy everything while another is dying of thirst; the collection of wealth in the hands of a few seems to beat the purpose of the survival of the whole species. After all, we are a social species; taking care of others entitles us to reciprocal altruism from other individuals from our species. Yes, money can buy you services that aid you in your survival but an altruistic world would be a world in which creativity is not bound by socio-economic constraints, science is not bound by the closed-minded and spirituality is not bound by religion, one will not have to worry about many things that cause us stress today. One might argue that this is nothing but simple Darwinism, just evolution, taking place. After all, doesn’t it all come down to the survival of the fittest? My answer is no. At our stage, natural selection is no longer taking place and the argument of “survival of the fittest” does not apply, as it is a concept of natural selection. If natural selection is not acting on us then obviously that concept does not hold. However, natural selection is acting on a minute scale, basically on individuals who die before they reproduce. It is still not the same as “survival of the fittest”. The other evolutionary forces however are still acting. Mutation, the essence and root of evolution is occurring constantly along with genetic drift. Also, nonrandom mating is taking place but without natural selection the characteristics that would have been favored naturally by evolution (namely by sexual selection) for our species, namely intelligence and altruistic behavior, have been replaced by superficial characteristics such as being economically rich, or being good-looking (although a physically fit individual is seen as a good investment since the physical appearance is a sign that the individual is healthy and will be more efficient in terms of acquiring resources, fending off enemies and raring the young), the “good-looking” I am referring to is what is portrayed by the popular media, a totally inaccurate and unrealistic image. Coming back to the point and addressing the issue in an informal way, one can say that what all this comes down to is the fact that nonrandom mating is taking place but the alleles for all the wrong traits are increasing in frequency. More and more deleterious...
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