Never Back Down

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“Never Back Down”
I believe in never backing down. My mom told me this when I was young. I heard this was when I moved into my new town. I felt like a stranger and my mom’s words to me were “Never Back Down.” I didn’t know what that meant until after I got home. She told me that it meant I can always learn something new even if the experience was bad. I was in a fight once at school because of a misunderstanding and the first thing that went through my head was “never back down” and my mom also telling me “be the bigger person.” I went with “never back down” and we fought and I whipped his ass. “Never Back Down” means that I should never give up when something seems hard or impossible. I keep this belief in my head all the time when I feel like things seem impossible because it is my motivation to keep on going. My strength and belief of never backing down were challenged when my parents divorced, I was thirteen. I tried to stay strong for myself and my brother who at the time was six. Things started to escalade and as time went on, things were thrown, doors slammed, fights arose, and there were moments where I wanted to back down and just give up.

I almost backed down when I was with my dad and brother in the car. He was dropping us off to school and I remember this like it was yesterday; I remember him telling us “well guys you know this is the last time I will be giving you guys a ride to school.” My brother said “why papi?” He replied “me and your mom are getting divorced so I won’t be living with you guys anymore. Papi and mami don’t love each other anymore so I want you guys to know that I love you so much.” My brother said “no papi don’t leave us, I love you, I don’t want you to go.” At that moment I couldn’t help but to burst out in tears and tell him “papi I don’t want to go to school I want to spend the day with you, I don’t want you to leave.” All he could say was “I have to, I love you guys so much though.” Never backing down is a belief that...
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