Nevada Court System

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Nevada, Court Breakdown

Nevada’s court structure is governed by the State statutes enacted by the Legislature and Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution. There are three tiers of courts. The trait that differentiates the courts is the cases they have jurisdiction over. This paper provides an overview of Nevada’s court set-up based upon statutory guidelines aligned with the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) and the Nevada Constitution.

Court set-up of Nevada is outlined by state statues and Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution. There are three different levels of courts and the differentiating characteristic depends on their jurisdiction: lower level (justice courts and municipal courts), mid-level (district courts); and the highest level (Supreme Court). Although various judicial commissions exist, two commissions that are established in Nevada by the Nevada Constitution are: The Commission on Judicial Selection and The Commission on Judicial Discipline. When a vacancy opens, prior to the term expiring, an individual must be appointed by the Governor to fill the vacancy, choosing from three candidates chosen by the Commission. The Commission on Judicial Discipline deals with complaints against justices or judges. Any matter can be brought to their attention through either a motion or a person. The Commission has a choice of dismissing the matter or ordering a hearing, after a preliminary investigation is conducted The Supreme Court’s jurisdiction is birth from Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution. Nevada, one out of eleven states, does not have an appeals court; instead the Supreme Court, court of last resort, also acts an appellate court. The Supreme Court administrative head is the Chief Justice, who is elected by voters for six terms. Funding of the Supreme Court includes State General Fund appropriations approved by court administrative assessments and the Legislature. The Office of Court Administrator, Administrative Office...
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