Neurophysiologic Theory

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Neuroscience is a science associated with physiology, the brain and the nervous system (Valudine, 2010). Theories that define the way one learns using paradigms are categorized by scientists who provide the studies through quantitative and research methods, which until recently were operated independently. Neurosciences contain modernized technology, to give scientist a better understanding of how the human brain functions to translate the learned behavior paradigms. The learning study theory is combined with physiology and cognitive psychology that creates neurophysiology theories, such as Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive, Humanist and Developmental Theories, all psychological theories that capture the true essence of different regions of the entire mind and body of all living things. The unique perspective of each shows how important one component is necessary for the other to function normally, and also solutions for some areas that one may have problems with. When one learns they are able to receive different information to gain life skills, knowledge, and values (Valudine, 2010). Learning ability occurs in all living things and in some machinery. Humans learn from the infancy stage of life for personal development all through their life span. The process of learning depends on one’s actual behavior learned in experiences of life that provide psychologists and researchers theories for ones environment in regards to growth, development and aging (Valudine, 2010).These theories categorize the different learning processes and how methods like cognitive and behaviorism are being worked. This paper will describe the major principles associated with neurophysiology learning theory and explain the contributions of theorists who worked to develop the theory as it exists today. Also, examine how the theory makes use of prior experience in explaining how people learn and how permanent change in behavior takes place. Neurosciences are a scientific...
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