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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Neurophysiology Lab ReportName ____Rachel Robinson

Activity 1:

1.What was your observed threshold voltage?
Our observed threshold voltage at 3 V at a single stimulus.

1.How does this tracing compare to the one that was generated at threshold voltage? When we increased the threshold by 0.5 V the tracing was identical to the original 3 V threshold.

1.What reasons can you give for your answer?
There needed to be a more significant difference for there to be a big enough change in the threshold voltage.
1.At what voltage did you no longer observe an increase in the peak of the action potential trace. We no longer observed an increase in peak of action potential trace at the 3.5 Voltage.

Activity 2-4:

1.What did you observe when the glass rod contacted the nerve? When the glass rod contacted the nerve there was an instant deflection of the line. There was action potential on the osciloscope.

1.How does this tracing compare with the other tracings you have generated? The tracing was the exact same outcome as the other tracings except there was no added voltage only the addition of the glass rod. 3. What did you observe when the heated glass rod contacted the nerve? There was an instant deflection of the line similar to the line caused by the non-heated glass rod.

4.How does this trace compare to the trace that we generated with the unheated glass rod?
The tracing of the heated glass rod on the nerve was slightly a bit higher at its’ maximum peak and slightly lower at the lowest peak than the tracing of of the non heated glass rod.

5.What did you observe when you added sodium chloride and hydrochloric acid solutions to the nerve?
Once sodium chloride and hydrochloric...
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