Networking System

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Global Business Technologies Ltd (GBTL), ACCRA , GHANA|
Learner name| Registration number|
Assessor name| Unit number and title|
Uday Shankar| Unit 24 – Network Technologies|
Assignment title| New network system for a Dolphinships company| |

Learning Outcomes

Discuss the role of software and hardware components
Discuss server types and selection requirement
Discuss the inter-dependence of workstation hardware with network components. (P02.1), (P0.2.2), (P02.3).

* List the software and hardware components that are required to fully implement the network in the given scenario

Evidence: Your explanation should cover (but not limited to) the following:

* The type of cabling to be used
* The network devices you may need to connect the network workstations and why * The network devices you may need to connect to the Internet * The software components needed to enable network communication * Cost of each component

* Server types & Selection

Your list of software/hardware should cover all the company’s Requirements

Merit three
Design a network to demonstrate which of the networking Components can be successfully moved to the “cloud”. Explain your reasoning and how this can benefit the company. (M3)

Evidence: You can use Microsoft Word, Visio or any other drawing program for this task

Network cables(UTP CAT 6)| Each device you want to connect to your Ethernet network requires a standard RJ-45 twisted pair cable, sometimes called a patch cable. | 1 box giganet CAT 6 patch cableGh¢400| Network adapters| These adapters (also called network interface cards, or NICs) connect computers to a network so that they can communicate. A network adapter can be connected to the USB port on your computer or installed inside your computer in an available Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion slot. | |...
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