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Topics: Business intelligence, Data warehouse, Learning Pages: 3 (493 words) Published: March 10, 2011
Activity 1
Part A) What event did you attend?
An Overview of The Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Part B) When and where was it held?
It was held at Sydney Mechanics School of Arts Level 1 280 Pitt Street on Wednesday 24th November 2010 between 6:30-7:30pm

Activity 2
Part A) Write the details from the business card of the first person you met at this event. Ban Pradham
He finished his masters degree at Macquire University and now he working at Analytics department of Macquire University.

Part B) What was their advice on how to get a start in the industry? He advised me to apply job advertisements from universities especially the one which I was graduated.

Activity 3
Part A) Write the details from the business card of the second person you met at this event. Murray Quarmby
Director of Deloitte
0404 806 446

Part B) What was their advice on how to get a start in the industry? After I mentioned him about my situation, he said even having experience in development I am not too late to start a career from business intelligence/data warehousing. He told me to check job advertisements about this industry and added how much people are required for business intelligence and their salary is too high. He also recommended me to start business intelligence from an unpaid internship to be part of this industry.

Activity 4
Part A) Write a letter/email to the individual(s) thanking them for speaking with you at the event and explain how you have followed up on their advice (attach a copy of this correspondence).

Murray Quarmby
225 George Street,
Sydney NSW   

Dec 25, 2010

Dear Murray,

I am Anny, I was asking you hints about job hunting after your presentation yesterday. I would like to thank you for your time and kind answers. After talking to you, I saw many advertisements for business intelligence and data warehousing. I couldn’t believe what I...
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