Networking Concepts Assignment.

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Networking Concepts Assignment.

NQF Specification
Benefit of network
Virtual Private Networking Service:
VPN on NTUwireless:
Network Installations:
Operating system of network:
Install file and print sharing:
Negative aspects of the Internet:
Network topology
Dividing the transmitted bit stream into frames and determine which route the subnet to use. 2.4 OSI model and the 7 layer diagram.
1.Difference between OSI and TCP/IP
Connection – oriented communication and connection less communication

Benefit of network

Network is very popular common word now. It is a collection of computers, printers, and other electronic devices which is linked by cables or wireless devices; it can make a situation for them to communicate with each other. For the welfare of network individuals are able to share and exchange information (files and programs), access common services (email and applications), and share hardware (printers, servers, image scanners, and fax machines).

picture of LAN/MAN/WAN network
The Name of Network
LAN (Local Area Network: It is a small geographical area (Room, Building or a Campus) of networking MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): If network in a city than it is called MAN. WAN (Wide Area Network): If network spread geographically (Country of across Globe) than it is called WAN. Advantage of network: It offers a wide range of advantages. It help to transferee filesAA one computer to another, centralized printers, centralized information (an intranet web server, for example).For it programs can be run off a server, so updating means updating a single program, not one on each computer (which can be a nightmare if there are a few hundred computers), centralized data backup Disadvantage of network: To drive up network .there are many equipment needed which is much cost.

Virtual Private Networking Service: Virtual Private Networking Service is failure for a secure network connection which can be taken on top of a public network, such as the Internet or Education Wireless Integrated Network. For the help of it Internet’s infrastructure can move secured data to and from the campus network. It play an indispensable role   off-campus students and staff to access the University's online resources in the home computer, through their ISP (Internet Service Providers) like Signet, Star Hub, etc. using dial-up or broadband service. We can also get the facility of University's e-services or computing facilities that are not made available on the Internet or WWW (World-Wide Web In this case we can do Laboratory's UNIX servers, network printers, file shares, personal web storage folders, etc for the help of network.

Picture of Virtual private networ
VPN on NTUwireless:
There are also some risks in wireless network. So in this case to keep our privacy on NTUwireless, our campus wireless network, we can use this VPN service to "dial-out" of NTUwireless – as like as we normally use VPN on the Internet to access NTU network. To connect wired network to the campus, VPN connection is not necessary. This service is not turned on for the wired network. VPN client behind the corporate firewall:

Most organizations and universities have some form of firewall implementations on their Internet gateway to except for Signet, Star hub or the overseas ISP If there is a firewall in your organization, you should use SSL VPN to connect. or, If you want to connect NTU with Microsoft VPN, the organization’s Firewall requires PPTP traffic via TCP port 1723 & GRE protocol to pass through the Firewall.

Network Installations:
networking of a communications system through to planning, designing, installing and maintaining the system.

(Picture of network installation
Connect Systems work is able to provide the best computer network design and specification, meeting both present and ongoing requirements to each client and is closely with...
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