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Networking Assignment

I have established networks with two professionals throughout the course of this assignment: Ms. Ritika Nanwani from the real estate field and Mr. Michael Kydd from the Political Science and Public Relations industry.

Summary of Interview Candidates

Interview Candidate #1: Ms. Ritika Nanwani
Field: Real Estate
Mrs.Ritika Nanwani is the owner of Century 21 Island Real Estate, St.Maarten. She has been in this field for the last 21 years and has been running the Century 21 Island Realty for the last one year.

Mrs. Ritika Nanwani has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from St.Mira’s University in Pune, India. Mrs. Nanwani has worked in real estate for an enormous part of her career. She then was hired as an agent at Century 21 Island Realty, St.Maarten in 2006. The first two years went well and she built quite a network on St.Maarten and surrounding islands. However, the recession not only affected the real estate market in the America, it drained St.Maarten as well. She targeted markets that did have the money to buy property and land. She worked her way up and in 2011 she attainted the position of the manager. With enthusiasm, hard work, courage and determination, Mrs. Nanwani made her mark as the owner of Century 21 Island Realty, St.Maarten in 2012. She now runs four offices in the Caribbean. Century 21 Island Realty has won the award for best real estate team on St.Maarten for five years continuously since 2006.

I chose to interview Mrs. Nanwani because when I interned at Century 21 Island Realty in 2009 for my high school career week program, she was struggling and I remember her telling me once that she was going to make it big. I could see the determination in her eyes and I look up to her as a role model. It is extremely difficult to be a mother to two children, a good wife, daughter-in-law but most importantly one of the best agents on the island.

Interview Candidate #2- Mr.Michael Kydd
Field- Political Science and Public Relations

Mr.Michael Kydd is the president of the Merit Contractors Association of Nova Scotia.
His daily activities include communications, office management, government relations,
brand management, media relations, membership engagement, sales, internal communications, and many more things. His is to serve the non-unionized construction industry in Nova Scotia. Mr. Kydd says, “Life has taught me to live to the fullest each and every day.” He lost both his parents at a very young age and he is a cancer survivor. He believes in making the best of his opportunities. His experience in the world of politics has helped him communicate more effectively and deal with business decisions. His public relations degree is by far the best investment he has made, it has helped him acquire knowledge that he never knew existed and meet engaging and interesting people every day.

Mr. Kydd is my communications professor at Mount Saint Vincent University. I chose to interview him because my second field of interest in Event Management. As an event manager, effective communication is the key to corporate communications, community relations, media relations and special events.

I learned techniques of effective communication that will help me in my choice of career whether it is real estate or event planning. His daily job activities include communications, office management, government relations, brand management, media relations, membership engagement, sales and internal communications. These are some of the most important things an event management company engages in.

What I learned:
This assignment has been an excellent learning experience for me as I have learnt a lot about the two fields I am interested in, i.e, real estate and public relations.
What I learnt about the real estate field.
I learnt that the real estate field is quite broad as it involves a...
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