Network Topology Design

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Network Topology Design
Week 4 Assignment 2
Naressa Hackney Menser
Dr. Edwin Otto
CIS532 Network Architecture and Analysis
February 3, 2013

"Network addresses should be carefully planned managed and documented (Oppenheimer, p. 168)". All of the address names should make sense and should be easily understood. As Oppenhiemer states, I would begin planning by designing a model. Design the model without assigning any addresses (p.168). Once the model is designed, the network engineer will begin to assign blocks of addresses in a hierarchical fashion to allow scalability, and an easy level of understanding. Also important is developing policies and procedures for addressing and naming. This would involve plans for distributing authority for addressing and naming to avoid one department having to manage all addresses and names.

I would also use private network addresses for the advantage of making it easier for the organization to change their internet service provider without having to renumber their IP addresses and for added security. The use of a subnet would work as well. Subnetting will allow a network administrator to divide one physical network into smaller logical networks. It would also control the flow of traffic for security and efficiency. There is not an accurate mechanism that exists for assigning network or subnet number dynamically. The network layer address numbers should be planned well, administered and accurately documented. The benefits of this approach will make the network easy to manage, maintain, troubleshot and isolated to the location as well as scalable (Oppenheimer, p. 169, 2011). Skipping the planning and administering of a structured model approach to the network layer addressing can cause problems such as disorganization, duplicate network addresses, illegal addresses that cause routers to not route to the internet, shortage of addresses (Oppenheimer, p. 168-169, 2011).

Executive Summary
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