Network Topology Design

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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1. Depict a network topology graphical model of the initial environment of 10 employees.


2. Depict a network topology graphical model of the current 100 employees.


3. Depict a network topology graphical model for future growth to 200 employees.


4. Create a two-paragraph executive summary

The business IT network infrastructure must be upgraded to accommodate the current and future growth of the company. The initial company network infrastructure design presented in Exhibit 1 provides a visual of the network design that included 10 workstations connected to a single stackable switch. This first network design employed a flat network topology, with workstations and servers configured in a peer to peer configuration that used a single ADSL line for Internet access. Fortunately the stackable network switch design is scalable and has enabled the network infrastructure to grow with the company while minimizing end user impact while changes were implemented. Exhibit 2 depicts the current business network infrastructure configuration which supports 100 employees and supporting services including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and file sharing for single sign-on convenience, security and simplified network management.

As business growth continues to outpace existing network capabilities, a new network design must be implemented that is both scalable and ensures the high availability and security of business information and resources. Since the business is now expanding to a new office with 100 additional personnel, migration to a three-layer network architecture is required support business growth and achieves the high availability and security objectives. A three-layer network infrastructure model that includes the Core, Distribution and Access layers as depicted in Exhibit 3 will add redundancy, increase scalability and facilitate improved performance now and well into the company’s future. Note that in the...
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