Network Systems Administration

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Purpose of the Course:

The course equips the student with the necessary skills in administer different network platforms in terns of network users and shared resources.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:

• Outline the roles, responsibilities and ethics in network administration.

• Install, configure, troubleshoot and mange different network operating systems.

• Configure DHCP, DNS and WINS on a Windows server.

• Create user accounts, and implement group policies in a network environment.

• Explain network security concepts

Course Content:

Week 1

← Introduction to networks: definitions, terminologies used, advantages and disadvantages of computer networks, peer to peer networks and server based networks.

← Classification of computer networks: local area networks (LANs), metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs)

Week 2

← Transmission media: coaxial cable, Twisted pair (UTP, STP), Fiber optic cable, wireless transmission (satellite, radio and infrared transmission)

← Network topologies: Bus, star, ring, star-bus, star-ring.

Week 3

← Switching techniques: packet switching: ATM, frame relay, X.25, Circuit switching: Dial-up, ISDN, leased lines and T carrier line, Message switching.

Week 4

← Digital communication: modulation and encoding techniques, modems, Bits and Bytes, Broadband and baseband, serial and parallel transmission.

Week 5

← The OSI reference model: the seven layers, functions, the protocols of the seven layers. Overview of the TCP/IP protocol..

Week 6

← Access Methods: CSMA/CD, CSMA/CA, Token Bus, Token Ring, DQBD, FDDI and B-ISDN.

Week 7

← Networking devices: repeaters, Hubs, bridges, Switches, Routers and gateways.

Week 8

← Using a suitable platform such as Linux/Windows NT in system administration: Introduction to network administration: definitions, roles, functions, responsibilities and ethics.

← Network host configuration options: Network adapter card (NIC) options, network connections options, and Internet options.

Week 9

← Server configuration options: Installation options, services, configurable components.

Week 10

← Installing windows server 2003. Directory services: Introduction, Microsoft Active directory (AD) service, Lightweight Directory (ADAM) Services, configuring AD service.

Week 11

← Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP): Scopes, DHCP clients, DHCP servers, relay servers, troubleshooting DHCP.

Week 12

← Name services: Introduction, Domain Name Services (DNS), DNS daemons, clients, servers, reverse DNS, Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

Week 13

← Resource sharing: User groups and policies, access control, file sharing, creating user accounts, configuring shared resources.

Week 14

← Network troubleshooting commands, network performance and network security: software tools that help to solve network connectivity (ping, net watcher/viewer, tracert), TCP/IP network service protocols (DHCP, ICMP, SNMP), installing SNMP service, monitoring network performance, optimization of network, network security.

Mode of Delivery:

• Lectures.

• Practical lab sessions.

• Group discussions.

Instructional Materials and/or Equipment:

• Computer installed with a Server Operating Systems

Course Assessment:

• Continuous Assessment30 %

• End of Semester Examination.70 %

Core Reading Material:

• Local area networks: Hodson, Peter: Letts Educational: ISBN-1-65805-230-0

• Business data...
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