Network Security Recommendations

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Network Security Recommendations

By | Feb. 2011
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Security Recommendations for Web Site 101

This paper is paper that will make recommendations to help correct the security issues for the fictional organization “Web Site 101”. It will cover access control methods, physical access controls, risk assessment controls, and environmental controls. This paper will also discuss policies and standards, all to prevent this organizations system from unauthorized access from outside intruders.

Security Recommendations for Web Site 101
After conducting interviews with the department heads and owner of Web Site 101, we evaluated the risk or likelihood of loss. We assessed what risks that Web Site 101 is exposed to and what risks need to be addressed. We were able to determine the existing security problem areas and vulnerabilities to come up with security measures to prevent unauthorized users and intruders from accessing Web Site 101’s network system as well as the physical security of the premises. To prevent data loss due to employee negligence, employees should be given just enough system privileges to do their jobs. Measures should be taken to limit access to system resources. This can be done by ACL’s (access control lists). This will protect data from unauthorized access and accidental loss. We also suggest that the Clark-Wilson model be implemented to control access. In this model, “data can’t be accessed directly. It must be accessed through applications that have predefined capabilities” (E. Dulaney, 2009). This will also prevent unauthorized accesses, modification of files, and fraud. To counter physical break-ins, there should be at least three physical barriers implemented to prevent intruders from accessing Web Site 101’s network systems and computers. The first barrier that an intruder would have to penetrate is the external entrance (perimeter) to the building itself. A barbed wire fence, surveillance cameras, and a burglar alarm...

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