Network Plan

Topics: Microsoft Office, Computer, Microsoft Pages: 3 (779 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Network Plan
Melissa Schnitzer
Bryant & Stratton College
NETW265 – Networking Tech Capstone
Professor Gray
November 10, 2012

Every company, no matter how big or small, will need careful attention to detail to ensure that an organization’s information will function properly and will be secure. Some of the things to consider are hardware, software, cost analysis, disaster recovery plans, and authentication policies. When creating a network plan for Acme Sensitive Data, these measures were taken. Their company has two adjacent floors with 20 employees. The other floors of the building contain several other companies that cannot gain access to their network.

There are several hardware items that are needed, aside from the obvious items like computers, printers, and peripheral devices. Each computer will require a Network Interface Card (NIC) in order to communicate and transmit data on the network. To connect these computers, a Cat 5 Ethernet cable will be required because it supports up to 100 mbps of speed. This Ethernet cannot exceed more than 250 feet in a single run without losing effectiveness. If there needs to be more length a Cat 6 Ethernet should be used. Instead of buying the Ethernet with RJ45 connectors, buying a crimping tool and the connectors separate can make for a cleaner look to a network installation because the wires will be fit to exactly the right length. There is a need for servers but this number would depend on the needs of Acme Sensitive Data. A general scenario may include a main server that would perform the tasks that are most crucial to the business. Another server could be a backup and perform less daunting tasks of the corporation on a regular basis. Connecting the computers can be done through switches that have 20 ports.

The software would include a Microsoft Operating System (OS) for each computer and Microsoft Server 2010 for the servers. Each computer will also need Microsoft Outlook for email purposes and a...
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