Network Monitoring System

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Network Monitoring System for Laboratory of Trinity University of Asia

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Bulanadi, Mark Anthony
Dayondon, Cherrylyn
Gonzales, Jerus
Sy, Christopher

September 08, 2012

1. Background of the Study
2.1 Description
In this information age the network is essential to the organization. Information and the rate at which it can be obtained and distributed, is key to the economic success of companies in the information age. This is the reason why the computer network is the central nervous system of most organizations today. Organizations must have a network that is available and reliable. Since networks consist of a complicated set of software and hardware components, reliability comes at the cost of redundancy, diligence, man power and management. Trinity University of Asia is one of university in Quezon City dealing with many functions in its daily network management and administration. These many functions such as network management, network administration and system administration is mostly delegated from campus to department level to which a network or subnet has been assigned. But the proposed system will focus to implement on localized area network connection mainly for computer laboratories in the university. Limited current awareness at the computer laboratory’s network changes in resource inventory, resource configuration and number of hosted applications at the laboratory can place unexpected loads on the system/server which will eventually result to a reduced performance and availability. This is due to the packets to be dropped and make fault detection and correction more difficult. In adopting a system like this, it will help the university computer laboratories in terms of security and order. By the use of network monitoring system, personal recognition and identification are the special functions in this kind of technology and the instances of getting human improper usage will be avoided and the teachers and ICT personnel will be confident that the student who use the computer are legitimate student or faculty member of Trinity University of Asia. The system intends to monitor the students using a network monitoring method. It will serve as the log in system that is set up in a computerized database. The system maintains and has the ability to print the daily record of every student who comes to the laboratory. It also sorts the students according to their respective departments. The authors of this research paper believe that there is a need for a process by which Trinity University of Asia ICT Department can monitor and coordinate all network management activities of all the users using the computer laboratory of the university. The particular functions of the said project are: 1. Stores the different log in time of the computers.

2. Stores the computer activities.
3. Shutdown computers that is idle for a certain time.

Monitoring of computer systems is not a new concept; servers have been monitored since their creation. Monitoring can be as simple as detecting whether the system is turned on or as complex as knowing the exact performance of a specific application or service running on the system. Monitoring has evolved over the years to incorporate very complex processes and metrics to support different needs of IT administrators.

2.2 Purpose
As a result of the increase of the students’ population, the university continues on improving its facilities to give the students better service, seeing that many students from different departments come to the computer laboratory more often. The purpose of this project by the group offers the university of excellent way of maximizing their local area network; innovative system yet inexpensive network monitoring tool. This system...
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