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4G Wireless Network
4G Wireless Networks: Opportunities and Challenges


Abstract With the major wireless service providers planning to start deployment of 4G wireless networks by mid 2010, research and industry communities are racing against time to find solutions for some of the prominent still open issues in 4G networks. The growing interest in 4G networks is driven by the set of new services will be made available for the first time such as accessing the Internet anytime from anywhere, global roaming, and wider support for multimedia applications. In this paper describe some of the key opportunities will be made available by 4G networks, present key challenges and point to some proposed solutions.

Index Term 4G networks, Wireless Networks, Security and Privacy, Quality of Service, Architecture


The existence of 4G Networks in today technology-driven society is important indicators of advancement and change. 4G, or Fourth Generation networks, are designed to facilitate improved wireless capabilities, network speeds, and visual technologies. It is anticipated that as these networks continue to thrive, the demand for advanced related technologies will also grow, thereby creating new alternatives for savvy technology users to exceed their desired expectations. The following discussion will evaluate the current state of 3G Networks and will examine the future potential of these networks in expanding technology-based capabilities for consumers and industries alike. In this paper we present an overall vision of the 4G networks starting by presenting some of the key features they will provide, and then discussing key challenges the researchers and vendors are attempting to resolve, and finally briefly describing some of the proposed solutions to these problems.


Within the cable television industry, the expansion to 4G Networks is a very real possibility in 2009. Recently, Comcast and T-Mobile have collaborated and agreed to the development of a mobile 4G network? to be tested in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, MD. However, this process is lengthy, and the rollout of such a network is not expected for close to two years, as the network requires extensive and detailed testing in order to ensure that there are no bugs? that could interrupt the flow of mobile traffic across the network. This type of opportunity is of critical importance in developing a network that is capable of advancing technology to never-before-seen heights. Similarly, AT&T, one of the world largest telecommunications providers, will begin its own rollout of a 4G Network in 2011, enabling its vast user base to explore new downloading speeds and capabilities. The utilization of LTE mobile broadband technology is an opportunity for the corporation to expand its horizons into 4G territory, upstaging current 3G capabilities. In the process of expanding into the new 4G enterprise, AT&T will seek to overcome any limitations brought on by the 3G Network process. As AT&T begins its rollout process, there are many considerations involved in ensuring that the transition is a success, and that existing networks are not interrupted in the process of developing the 4G platform. In addition, mobile providers such as AT&T will likely develop new pricing strategies from some of their most popular products, including the iPhone, in response to the challenges of developing faster networks. The 4G Network process requires a unique approach to developing effective models for strategic purposes. The necessity for 4G networks is associated with the increased utilization of data websites such as You Tube and Facebook, which require tremendous bandwidth in order to be used successfully. Because these websites are becoming increasingly popular...
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