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Topics: Supply and demand, Video game console, Nintendo Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: January 2, 2013
1. From the perspective of GamePad technology, analyze the situation of Nintendo using the four stages model. (20 marks) Studying the technology and its effects in countering the first generation of gamepads. You need to decide on the four stages of a product: from introduction to decline, how has technology contributed to the life span of the products. Study the Wii and then the Wii U. where did the technology place those two products, how it has pushed the life span of products and how long.

2. Nintendo has recently invested in the Wii U. Explore the different segments of games markets in which Nintendo is involved. What is your opinion the opportunity cost of the above investment? (20 marks) Segments of markets are the kind and type of customers. The wii U chose to make the wide general population of the Wii into a smaller one. Find out what kind (all found in the text when you read it) and find the reasons why. Then the opportunity cost would be of course the summation of all the opportunities given up to sell the Wii U. find out what are those opportunities. Calculations, I believe is a little hard, I didn’t do any number calculations. But explanation is important. The company gave up a big slice of customer market. If it hasn’t done this the chance is leaving the market because the sales of the Wii were not yielding any profit any more. 4. Using a demand and supply analysis, how would the market of videogame console and GamePad be affected in the future? Use a demand and supply graph.

The present of the wii u in the market according to supply and demand is low supply to create demand. For several reasons. Study the effects of low demand on the supply and low supply on demand. Short term then long term. Then the market of videogame consoles in general, with a comparative graph of the long term analysis (from the book) with some expalanation.

One important factor is that game consoles are going to be in demand , now and in the future. The...
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