Network Hardening

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Network Hardening Unit 8 Assignment 1

It is very important to go through the process of hardening. Hardening is where you change the hardware and software configurations to make computers and devices as secure as possible. I picked the network layout 1-the workgroup . First with the workstations and laptops you need to shut down the unneeded services or programs or even uninstall them. I would also have some good anti-virus software on the workstations. You also need a hardened image for all of your workstations. To do this you need to install a new copy of the operating system and then harden it. After you have one good hardened workstation you can use it as a model for all other workstations and also laptops. For the router you definitely need to protect it from unauthorized access. The router needs to be password protected and you should periodically change that password. For the cable modem you should keep all unwanted ports closed. I would also schedule a regular scan of all the systems. Now for some of these next things I am talking about they will apply to all devices . Disable remote administration. Administration of your router / access point should be "local only", namely, there is no reason to let people from another country access to your network hardware. If you need to make changes, you should be local to the device. Update the firmware. Believe it or not, consumer network hardware needs to be patched also. Check the support site of the vendor of the device when you get it and check for an update. Sign up for e-mail alerts for updates, if available, or check back on a regular basis for updates.
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