Network Design for Abc Consulting

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ABC Consulting Company Network Topology Design
Anton Turner

ABC Consulting Company has seen exponential growth over the last twelve months with the potential of adding an additional team and infrastructure. Network engineers have been tasked with identifying their current network infrastructure as well as developing a network infrastructure that allows for additional expansion and growth. The information outlined in this paper will illustrate how ABC Consulting Company’s network infrastructure is physically connected as well as its future plans of expansion. ABC Consulting Company’s Initial Network:

ABC Consulting Company initially consisted of ten employees, ten nodes, one server, and one printer as laid out in the network topology. The network infrastructure consisted of one server that was designed to host files, email, and print services for the ten employees. A firewall prevented unauthorized access from accessing the network infrastructure. Two switches were utilized to ensure that network resources were accessible across the network. This network infrastructure was efficient given the number of employees that were first employed at ABC Consulting Company. As the company expanded we had to restructure the company to ensure that new and future departments could be implemented.

When ABC Consulting Company expanded to 100 employees management restructured the existing employees into departments based on job function as well as added additional nodes, switches, servers, and printers. The three switches are responsible for ensuring that each of the 100 nodes is able to connect and access network resources. Two printers are located throughout the network to ensure individuals are able to print documents. ABC Consulting Company is planning on acquiring 100 more employees in a separate remote location requiring network engineers to address connectivity across different networks.

Accommodating additional employees and a remote location...
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