Network Commands and Management

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  • Published : April 9, 2011
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Running head: Network Commands and Management

Network Commands and Management
Chris Neithardt
AIU Online

Network Commands and Management
Address Resolution Protocol
The arp command is an acronym that stands for address resolution protocol. This command allows technicians to easily find the IP address and physical address of the computer that they are currently on. This command is also a good tool to see which computers are online in a network because if there is more than one network interface that uses arp it will display the machines on it as well by typing “arp a-“Additionally the command prompt text gives some variants of the arp command where you can choose what available information can be viewed. This command is flexible and can be typed in a few different ways to obtain different results. If you wanted just the physical address of the computer you would type “arp eth_addr”. Another useful functionality of this command is that if you type “arp if_addr” you can select an internet address to be modified.

Initial PingsSecondary PingsPing Command/Network Traffic
The pings for and differed slightly from each other. The averages for were both 29 milliseconds and the averages for These speeds vary depending on the size and complexity of the networks that are being accessed in the trip to the desired destination. There are a variety of issues that can influence the speed of this test. Some of the most common factors to consider are network traffic, and the distance that the information must travel. The reason that the distance matters is that networks are not always linear. The network traffic can sometimes hop hundreds of miles in the opposite direction from where it needs to go to servers throughout the region until it reaches the desired destination. The World Wide Web is aptly named for this way that it zig-zags like a spider web. Tracert

The ping command did not...
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