Network Architecture

Topics: Network topology, Star network, Computer network Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Network Architecture

Brian Watson
University of Phoenix
Earl Sortor

Network architecture refers to a networks structure (Tomsho, Tittel, & Johnson, 2004). This structure includes the networks topology. Mesh, Bus, Ring, FDDI and wireless are some of the physical structures of a network that plays a large part in its performance and operation. These topologies, when understood fully, help to understand the networks architecture. So exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the various architectures also. Acquiring a good grip in network topologies uses and their limitations can have a significant effect on its performance as well as its growth potential (Tomsho, Tittel, & Johnson, 2004). The four general topologies used today are mesh, bus, ring, and star. Each has its own advantages in their specific designs and the variations of these topologies allow even greater advantages. The advantages and disadvantages of the bus topology can be seen easily. Bus topology is the most basic topology of all. Bus topology is easy to install, easy to handle, and easy to implement. Bus topology uses smaller networks best because the traffic moving along the single backbone cable must have devices either sending or receiving data packets. Any two-way traffic would cause a collision. This, in turn, leads to easily identified cable faults, which is another advantage of this topology. On the other hand, some of the disadvantages of the bus topology is its cable length limitations, which limit the number of stations able to connect to the network and that degrades performance as more computers are introduced to the network. Also, if the main backbone cable goes down, the entire network is affected. Bus topology is simply an outdated topology according to Tomsho, Tittel, and Johnson (2004). Star topology differs from bus in that data passes through a control hub that manages and controls the functions of the network. This centralization is one of the main...
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