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I am going for my master in Network administration. A network administrator is a person responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware and software that comprises a computer network. This normally includes deploying, configuring, maintaining and monitoring active network equipment. A related role is that of the network specialist, or network analyst, who concentrates on network design and security.

The network administrator (or "network admin") is usually the level of technical/network staff in an organization and will rarely be involved with direct user support.[citation needed] The network administrator will concentrate on the overall integrity of the network, server deployment, security, and ensuring that the network connectivity throughout a company's LAN/WAN infrastructure is on par with technical considerations at the network level of an organization's hierarchy. Network administrators are considered Tier 3 support personnel that only work on break/fix issues that could not be resolved at the Tier1 (helpdesk) or Tier 2 (desktop/network technician) levels.

Depending on the company, the Network Administrator may also design and deploy networks. However, these tasks may be assigned to a network engineer should one be available to the company. A network engineer designs, implements, and/or troubleshoots computer networks. In general, a network engineer will not regularly perform system administration tasks, but will instead concentrate on high-level network related duties such as network architecture, network design, choosing of network devices, and network policies. Network engineers will rarely be involved with direct user support, as they are normally placed as tier three support.[1].

The actual role of the Network Administrator will vary from company to company, but will commonly include activities and tasks such as network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and routing table configuration as well as configuration of...
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