Netw410 Week 1 Lab Report

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Lab 1: OPNET LAN Modeling Tutorial

Week 1 iLab Report
The first objective in the LAN Modeling tutorial is Setting Up the Scenario. The final step in setting up your scenario appears below.
1.(30 points) Once your project is created (after Step 6 above), your workspace will contain a map of the United States. Your project and scenario name can be seen in ITGuru’s top window border in the form of Project: Scenario: .

Capture a screenshot of your new project workspace that clearly shows your project and scenario name, and paste it below.

2.(40 points) In college-level paragraph(s), describe how background traffic affects both e-mail data and VoIP data. INTRODUCTION
In this week’s lab exercise, we had the opportunity to create a network simulation from the ground up using OpNet IT Guru. The purpose of the exercise was to gain familiarity with OpNet functions along with network objects and associated behavior based on the configuration of network variables. Some of these objects include Application Definitions, Profile Definitions, Subnets, and the various means of connecting these components in a topology.

The lab exercise itself provided a foundation for creating a simulated environment that was focused on evaluating the impact of background link load on FTP traffic. After creating the initial simulation environment, we were able to validate the configuration by matching output data for FTP performance with the reference data provided in the iLab instructions document. The graphs below illustrate the student lab configuration findings compared with the iLab reference graphs. The graphs, while not an exact match, provide enough similarity to validate the student simulation environment.

Figure 1 – Point to Point Utilization (reference)

Figure 2 - Point to Point Utilization (student)

Impact on Email Traffic

After validating the simulation environment is correctly configured, the iLab Report...
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