Netw360 Lab Week 2

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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NETW360 Week 2 Lab Report

1. Read through the lab instructions before executing the lab steps and creating the reports.

2. Follow all procedures in the lab instructions for the items you will need to include in your report.

3. After executing all steps contained in the lab instructions, submit a one Word document for each project containing your report to the Dropbox.

Create your reports using the template starting on page 2 and submit it to the Week 2 Dropbox by the due date.

Have fun while learning!


Your NameJeret Burnett
NETW360, Professor’s Name Mario Kosseifi
Current Date July 15, 2012
Lab #2 Part 1, Antennas

Lab Report
Case Project 3-1 Antenna Type
Using the internet and other resources, research the different types of antennas that are included under the three main categories: omni-directional, semi-directional, and highly-directional. Draw or print an example of each type and summarize when it is used, what is its maximum transmission distance, and it’s advantages and disadvantages.



When it is used?

This antenna can be used for indoor and outdoor access points. It is an excellent solution for RV parks, Marinas, Resort Wi-Fi, and other general outdoor area where other wireless access is needed but unable to be achieved by the small antennas on a router.

What is its maximum transmission distance?

The range of this antenna is 3000 feet. However, a longer rage is possible with additional antennas on the receiving end.

Advantages and disadvantages?

The main advantage to this antenna is that you can receive wireless signal in areas that were not available before. Everyone has heard of internet “Cafes”, but with this antenna you could make an internet “Café” literally in the middle of a campground. The disadvantage is that trees, building and hills can reduce the signal and in somecases can completely stop the signal from getting through. Also, to...
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