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Netspeak is a phrase created by David Crystal which is it is the name given to the type of communication used in chat rooms and in messaging software such as msn messenger. Since the nature of text taking longer to type than say, it had been used to reduce time and sometimes to save space provided in typing the text. In addition, it is sometimes very difficult to determine the tone of voice used by someone communicating through text.

A new way to communicate was required that would be faster to type and could be manipulated to include feeling to the words. The new language being netspeak. This language uses a combination of abbreviations (including words created using digits as well as alphabetic characters), acronyms and emoticons. Abbreviations and acronyms are used to speed up the typing of messages.

numbers & symbols|
2| too|
4| for|
20| location|
$46 | money for sex|
86| out of, over, to get rid of|
121| one to one|
143| I love you|
143| I love you|
182| I hate you|
187| murder|
190| hand|
303| mom|
304| hoe|
404| clueless|
404| I haven't a clue|
411| information|
420| marijuana|
459| I love you|
511| too much information|
831| I love you|
1174| nude club|
1337| elite|
1337| elite|
1432| I love you too|
4311| hell|
7734| hell|
31337| elite|
313373| elite|
!| I have a comment|
#| hash tag - used to 'tag' tweets on certain topics|
$#!+| shit|
$$| money|
$h!t| shit|
$xy| sexy|
*$| starbucks|
*4u| kiss for you|
*67| unknown|
*eg*| evil grin|
*g*| grin|
*s*| smile|
,!!!!| talk to the hand|
/.| slashdot|
:)book| facebook|
::poof::| I’m gone|
?| I have a question|
?^| What’s up?|
?^| Hook up?|
?4u| question for you|
?u@| Where are you?|
?up| what's up?|
@| at|
@| (at) - sends a message to a user|
@$$| ass|
\m/| heavy metal music|
^| up|
^^&>| up up and away|
^5| high five|
^rup^| read up please|
^urs| up yours|
<3| love|
<3| heart|
>3| love|
07734   | hello|
0day| software illegally obtained before it was released| 0noe| oh no|
10q| thank you|
10tacle| tentacle|
10x| thanks|
12b| wannabe|
133t| elite|
13itch| bitch|
14aa41| one for all and all for one|
1ab| wannabe|
1daful| wonderful|
1dering| wondering|
1nce| once|
1sec| one second|
2b| to be|
2b or not 2b| to be or not to be|
2b@| to be at|
2b4u| too bad for you|
2bad4u2| too bad for you too |
2bh| to be honest|
2bz4uqt| too busy for you cutey|
2da| to the|
2dae| today|
2day| today|
2ditd| today is the day|
2ez| too easy|
2g2b4g| to good to be forgotten|
2g2bt| too good to be true|
2ge4| together|
2getha| together |
2gether| together |
2gethr| together |
2getr| together |
2h2h| too hot to handle|
2h4u| too hot for you|
2k0| 2000|
2k1| 2001|
2k4| 2004|
2k6| 2006|
2k7| 2007|
2k8| 2008|
2k9| 2009|
2l8| too late|
2m| tomorrow|
2m4u| too much for you|
2ma| tomorrow|
2maro| tomorrow|
2mmrw| tomorrow|
2mo| tomorrow|
2mora| tomorrow|
2moro| tomorrow|
2morow| tomorrow|
2morro| tomorrow|
2morrow| tomorrow|
2moz| tomorrow|
2mozz| tomorrow|
2mro| tomorrow|
2mrw| tomorrow|
2mw| tomorrow|
2mz| tomorrow|
2night| tonight|
2nite| tonight|
2nyt| tonight|
2o4s| too old for sex|
2qt| too cute|
2sday| tuesday|
2tali| totally|
2tm| to the max|
2trd| too tired|
2u2| to you too|
301ing| referring traffic to another site|
31ee7| elite|
3arc| treyarch|
3q| thank you|
3u| thank you|
3vi1| evil|
3y3 y4m| i am|
42n8| fortunate|
4col| for crying out loud|
4e&e| forever and ever|
4eva| forever|...
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