Netiquette: Etiquette in Technology

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Neticate (Atticates of using internet)

In my view Atticates of using internet or having communication on internet with atticates. It may be defined as a person’s atticates of conveying messages to others on internet.

Neticate sounds about the atticates of using computer due to its speedy evolution people are very passionate about the internet and they have great expectations about what it should be capable of doing. The Internet is the best communication technology and very popular in the world. There are many people who using the Internet in good side.

However, in my opinion, many people using the Internet in bad side for three reasons. Some for fun and some for teasing others while some for bad pictures and bad sites. Whereas this technology meant for us how we spend our time and how we communicate with other peoples as it is the source of information exchange the thing must keep in mind is that we should not harm the privacy of others and obey the law of using computers like in chat rooms and while uploading of movies on different social medias we must focusing of others that they are satisfied from this.

It’s our duty to get useful things from it like in education sector we can say online Education and even degrees can be obtained online and using this platform for individuals to publish information, advertising data and commerce sites. No other medium is as accessible to individuals and small businesses.

The above are some of the very few common atticates of the internet for the common man so we must keep them and must know about them use this as a gift not as weapon and destroys others image.
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