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Jessica Steffani SOC 341 Netiquette 2 February, 2013 This is the first time I have heard the term Netiquette, and I was not aware that it had so many components. For instance, posting commercial messages to non-commercial newsgroups, posting commercial email to non-commercial mailing lists, and sending commercial email unsolicited to private organizations or people. This was one etiquette I found very useful. On it states that for interactive services to first listen to a channel first, to get the feel of what is and is not acceptable and also if you find yourself in a channel that becomes offensive to you, leave it; these were two relatively new concepts to me about internet etiquette. I am familiar with the CRC Honor Code which engages the concepts of honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility. I am also very aware of the Academic Integrity Policy CRC has on plagiarism. Citing our work is very important and can make or break you this semester. I understand that giving the student a verbal or written warning, giving the student an additional assignment, giving the student a zero on the assignment, assigning a grade of F for the course, or determining other appropriate consequences that comply with board policy and regulations are consequences of plagiarism. One thing I was not aware of was CRC Safe Spaces. I have been attending CRC for two years, and this is the first I hear of Safe Spaces. I think Safe Spaces is a wonderful idea that WILL help students in the long run. I plan to incorporate all of these findings into one circle, and make the best of it this semester. I plan

to follow all rules and regulations so I am ensured the best education I can receive. I also feel as if I will be taking advantage of the Safe Spaces this semester.

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