Netherlands-Cyber Warfare

Topics: Cyberwarfare, Cyberspace, Security Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: November 4, 2012
COMMITTEE: Disarmament and International Security Committee COUNTRY: Netherlands
SCHOOL: Hiranandani Foundation School
DELEGATES: Syed Sharique Ahmed and Aditya. A. Kumar
TOPIC AREA: Cyber warfare
The Kingdom of Netherlands expresses it deep concern of the rising problem of cyber warfare and regrets the rise of yet another form of warfare. The Netherlands fully supports all international efforts for solving this major problem, reaffirms its readiness for a continuation active role and declares its position for a need able openness, cooperation and pragmatism that the international community can assist in a satisfactory conclusion to this problem. Cyber warfare is a threat not only to every individual country but also a threat to the world. Countries without advanced kinetic capabilities, hackers and other non-state actors can obtain the necessary equipment and – if they have no concern for the potential indirect consequences – use it at relatively low cost without needing an extensive military organisation. They are further abetted by the fact that aggressors are difficult to identify. In addition, cyberspace is characterised by offensive dominance: it is easier, faster and cheaper to attack a system than it is to defend it. This is partly because an aggressor can prepare an attack anonymously and exploit the element of surprise. In all probability, however, there is no ‘first strike’ capability that can destroy an opponent’s defenses and its ability to retaliate using cyber or kinetic weapons. Finally, monitoring the use of cyber weapons is difficult to regulate. They are easy to hide and – unlike nuclear weapons – can be developed and tested in secret. Non-proliferation and standard-setting in this area are considered in section. The various forms of cyber attack include Espionage and national security breaches, Sabotage. Netherlands will be focusing the majority of its Cyber Warfare efforts in countering Cyber Espionage. Given that this is...
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