Netherlands and European Union

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‘The Netherlands and the European Union’

Table Of Contents

1. History of the European Union

2. The Netherlands and Europe

3. Positive rated topics by Dutch people

4. Negative feelings towards European Union

5. Advantages and disadvantages of the European Union

6. The European Policy from the Netherlands in the coming years

7. Sources

History of the European Union

Nowadays the European Union contains 27 members and is created as a political and economic community throughout Europe. There were some reasons to start to work together, but it took quite a long time till the final form and name.

After WWII in the late 1940s the main players in the world decided that a situation like the war, should never happen again and they should find a way to exclude the change of a war. The countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands were unified and founded in 1952 the European Coal and Steel Community. Today these countries are still seen as the founders of the ‘European Union’

In 1957 was the next step in the way to the European Union. The Cold War, protest and conflicts between western and Eastern Europe European Union at start 1952

showed the need further Unification. The results of these negotiations was the European Economic community, clearified in the treaty or Rome. Within the countries of the community was free travelling possible for people and products. Through the years more and more countries entered the European Economic Community.

In the end of the 1980s Europe was almost unified, the single European Act was signed in 1987, to create one single market for all the trade. With the breakdown of the Berlin Wall in 1989 the last border between east and west was gone, and they began to create a united Europe.

European Union in 1992

The final shape of the European Union

With the interconnection between the countries was it not only easier to trade with each other, also the citizens had a lot more interaction, they felt more connected and feel more responsible for the bigger problems. Issues like environment and security became hot. Another advantage was that people can travel through a lot of countries.

The name ‘European Union’ was founded in the treaty of Maastricht in 1992, and this treaty was put into action in 1993. At that moment the European Union contains 12 countries.

The Treaty of Maastricht identified five goals designed to unify Europe in more ways than just economically. The goals are:

1) To strengthen the democratic governing of participating nations. 2) To improve the efficiency of the nations.
3) To establish an economic and financial unification.
4) To develop the "Community social dimension."
5) To establish a security policy for involved nations.

To reach these goals there were various policies for different issues, for example, industy, education, youth. Finally, the European gets his own currency, in 1999 the Euro was founded and in 2002 the first billets and coins were used. In the period from 2004 till 2008 the European Union welcomed his last members, what brings the total number of members on 27. (, 12-10)


Member states Nowadays

The Netherlands and Europe

In World War II, the Netherlands didn’t play such a big role, the army did everything they could, but it was not enough to stop the Germans. In 4 days the Netherlands lost the war, especially through the bombardments on Rotterdam and later on Middelburg. And even when the Netherlands weren’t that important in the war, they were one of the six founders of the first European Coal and Steel Community. First I will give you an short introduction about the Netherlands.

The Netherlands

The Netherland is quite a small country in the North-West of Europe. It borders to Germany in the west and Belgium in the south, in the other places it...
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