Netflix vs. Blockbuster vs. Redbox

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Which movie rental service is right for you?
We all love movies, and the best way to see all the films you want is to rent them. There was a time when we all used brick and mortar stores to get our hands on a movie to watch. Nowadays, there are more options available for the film lover. The internet has changed things drastically, and many physical rental stores are disappearing. Hollywood Video is long gone, and most "Mom and Pop" stores were crushed under Blockbuster's boot back in the 90's.

So, which option is best for you in the new world of movie rentals? Should you go with Netflix?... Blockbuster?... Redbox?

Each of these big players have various pros and cons associated with them. I have used all three extensively and have made my decision on which is best, but your movie watching habits may be different from mine. So, with that in mind, let's explore the so called "Big Three" in greater detail.

Blockbuster is the only contender on this list that could be considered a "brick and mortar" solution to your movie needs. Since opening in Dallas in 1985, Blockbuster has been renting physical media off of their shelves. At their peak, they were huge, but constantly changing price structures and ever shifting late fee agreements have made renting all the films you want off the shelf an expensive and frustrating prospect. Blockbuster does offer an unlimited in-store plan, but it's pretty expensive, and the selection on the shelves seems to be narrowing.

The main thing Blockbuster has been trumpeting lately is that they get certain titles a full 28 days before their competitors, but this doesn't apply to all new releases, and I figure that I already waited until the movie came to DVD, so I can probably wait another few weeks.

Blockbuster's best deal is their online plan, which is priced comparably with competitor Netflix. Where Blockbuster has the advantage over Netflix, however, is in the ability to trade movies you rented from the...
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