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Case Questions
1.Discussion-What are the limitations and risks of Netflix’s human resource management practices? 2.Discussion-What performance appraisal methods would be most consistent with the organizational culture surrounding Netflix’s HRM practices? I think the best performance appraisal method for Netflix would be the critical-incident technique. The critical- incident technique keeps a record from the beginning of employment of the effective and ineffective job behaviors. The manager would sit with the employee and discuss what their performance is specifically. It would take any positive examples of their work and the negative examples. It seems that Netflix already has a good orientation program at hand. They make sure that they hire the best people for the positions that they have to offer. With the critical-incident appraisal method it takes into account your very good aspects and the very bad. I think that when the very bad is pointed out to the employee they would make an effort to make sure that they do not make that mistake again. I would believe that the running log that comes from the critical-appraisal method is kept by the manager and the employee. If the employee has it on hand at their desk they can refer to it to make sure that they are performing in an acceptable way. Hastings makes everyone responsible for their own choices that they make at the job. So by giving them an upfront account of what they are doing good and what they are doing poorly should give them no excuse to improve.

3.Problem solving-Could you work for Netflix? Write a letter of application for a full- time position with the firm. What can you say in this letter that shows why you will perform well under Netflix’s unique HRM practices? 4.Further research-Check up on Hastings and Netflix. How the firm doing right now? How has it changed since the case information was prepared? Are the human resource management practices described here still active at the firm? What...
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