Net Neutrality

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Tim Berners-Lee Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Net Neutrality Assignment
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Question 1: Yes I have heard about this. My personal definition of Net Neutrality is the government trying to limit everyone’s browsing of the web to things that they approve of. Pretty much taking away our internet freedom that lets us do anything we want. They would be putting up a digital wall that would be blocking knowledgeable information to everyone that wanted to obtain it. The government and major corporations would be teaming up to benefit them while they would be limiting the consumers to view the sites or use resources that they approve of. I pretty much look at Net Neutrality as a digital dictatorship.   |  |

Question 2: Net Neutrality will affect my use of the internet by disabling my freedom surf the web as I please. I could possibly loose access to pages that I view in my everyday life. This would change my life somewhat minor. But I can imagine this ruining peoples e online businesses. Something’s that could happen if Net Neutrality is not maintained are a huge downfall in the world wide web economy. Governments could block people from other countries from ordering. Imported and Exported items would most likely decrease. Another thing that I believe is a very possible thing that will happen if Net Neutrality isn’t maintained is there will be riots. Riots are caused from angry people with the same problem in common trying to show there opions. So if the government takes away everyone’s internet freedom people will mad and protest worldwide.    |  |

Question 3: I believe the people and corporations that support Net Neutrality are for it because one of the great things about the net is having unlimited resources and that a great tool. They don’t see a reason in why that should change when the net keeps getting better the way it is now.The people who oppose Net Neutrality are most likely the smaller parties of corporate businesses or government that will benefit from this....
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