Nestle Kasambuhay Habambuhay Films

Topics: Family, Marriage, Feature film Pages: 11 (3990 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Critique on the Filipino values presented in the films with emphasis on the following: emotion and motivation; family relations; smooth interpersonal relations, cognition and world view.

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood. - Walt Disney (1901 – 1966)

Walt Disney was right in saying that movies really do play a role in shaping young lives in what it is expected of them when they grow older. Now a days, this is indeed true whether it is a short or full feature film. It is made more possible through the children’s exposure to different mass media. Movies can be easily watched through cable TV, video streaming through the internet or downloading through peer sharing.

Nestle, which is celebrating its 100 years in providing Filipino families with quality products, produced short films that showcase the Filipino culture. With its theme for its centennial celebrations, “Companion in Life, for Life,” it produced 10 short films reflecting different lives of Filipinos with some focusing on the Filipino family.

Sine Kasambahay started with the short film – “The Howl and the Fussyket” which showcased a family coming together for a declamation contest. With the drive to win, the mother tried to help her son (who had a “p and f” defect) in preparing for the competition by hiring a call-center agent and a stage actor to train him.

It is really inspiring to see a mother so supportive of his son (even with his “p and f” defect). This is what can be called positive parenting. She was very careful with how she talked to her son, asking him if he really wanted to go through the contest. Filipino mothers are expected to be like this. They are the ones who stay at home to tend to the children, giving them all the support, love, care and attention that they need. Seeing Dennis Padilla (the dad) turn off his webcam while listening to his son’s speech showed the “Bahala ka na diyan.” attitude of Filipino fathers – leaving all family matters to their wives. Maybe because they are the ones tired at work, the bulk of the problems at home are handled by the mothers.

In this short film, Eugene Domingo (the mom) showed the mothers in the modern times – a working mom. Even with a job, she never failed to support her children saying she will take a leave (and even forcing her daughter to go to the program) just to watch his son in the declamation contest. A lot of Filipino mothers are already working. This new trend sometimes eats the time of parents, especially mothers, for their children. When they arrive home, they are just too tired to attend to them. This film showed that it is possible to be there for them even if one parent is an OFW and another is also working. It also proved that families can be together (even if one is another country) through the use of technology.

Another film in the collection, “Sali Salita” came in contrast with “The Howl and the Fussyket.” “Sali Salita” (a personal favorite) is about a mother who writes children’s storybooks but could not find time to create stories with her son. His grandfather provided the attention that the child needed, which the mom cannot provide. They filled up a can of milk with words, which they use to create (through their wild imagination) a tale of heroes fighting villains. In the end, the hero just needed a secret weapon – a mom showering his child love and attention.

Also a story of a working mother, this film provided the audience with the reality of how busy mothers can be. One could see a neglected son acting up when he is with his yaya. When he tried apologizing to his mom for breaking her laptop, she did not seem to accept the apology. Instead she called, probably her publisher, apologizing to him. When in fact, in my opinion, she should be apologizing to her son for her negligence. Parents might say that they are...
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