Nestle Functional Strategy

Topics: Milk, Maggi, Sapporo Ichiban Pages: 3 (628 words) Published: March 3, 2011
* The MILO Nutrition Campaign emphasizing on the nutritional benefits of the MILO drink * The key communication campaign, MILO PLAY MORE LEARN MORE * the campaign for highlighting the benefits attributed to children’s involvement in sports * NESCAFÉ CLASSIC launched a new campaign that aimed to promote and educate Malaysians on coffee and its health benefits, primarily on antioxidants.

* MAGGI 2-Minute Noodles ran a successful “MAGGI Mee My Way” communication campaign encouraging Malaysians to add fresh ingredients to their favourite instant noodles * The MAGGI TASTYLITE low fat noodles made further inroads among the weight conscious target market, with an increased share of the modern trade. * Nestlé’s involvement in the contract farming for fresh chillies with local farmers continues * MAGGI using the best of the chilli crop for its range of Culinary Sauces.

The Milks category will continue to drive the Group’s vision of being a recognised Nutrition, Health and Wellness company( functional )

* the “WORKING LIKE A MACHINE” campaign for KIT KAT which successfully engaged consumers. * portion-controlled Single Finger KIT KAT
* Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) nutrition information on each pack to assist consumers in making informed decisions on their daily calorie intake * Popularly Positioned Product (PPP) MILO wafer

* Infant Nutrition continued to chart new ground by focusing on science based, stage-appropriate innovation and renovation(functional) * Nestlé HealthCare Nutrition sustained strong growth momentum through our science

based nutritional products
* NAN Pro & NAN HA infant formulas with the addition of active probiotics BL BIFIDUS The addition of BL BIFIDUS is aimed at strengthening the natural defences of all infants * NAN Pro 3 and NAN HA 3 formulated milk powder for children NAN Pro infant formula Bag-in-Box 700g and Nestlé Baby Rice Cereal Bag-in-Box...
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