Nestle Face Problems

Topics: Sensor node, Wireless sensor network, Sensor Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Adaption of wireless sensor network for farming industries

This article is present the solution that implements real-time health monitoring using alternative low-cost , low power consumption wireless sensor nodes. To achieve this goal, a variety of factors that associated with cheap , lower power consumption sensor nodes on the radio connectivity is presented. ( MICHAEL GILROY , 2009) Various researchers have been using wireless network in a form as neck mounted sensory collar to track animals’ activities and monitor their health condition with vary degrees of success. (CRAIG MICHIE ,2009) Wireless sensor nodes are known for their constrained capacities in terms of energy , limited computational power and low memory capability. A WSN hardware can be composed by selecting the appropriate components that best suit a specific application and the prime requisite whether WSN can be applied for a particular environment (or application) is depending on there are any sensor could become the eye and ear for monitoring and actuating the object. Another issue in hardware realization is selection of radio frequency. (TSUNG TA WU , 2009) In monitoring system, the animal is free to roam around and wireless methods are considered the only feasible option to establish and maintain communications between a base station and collar on cattle. The most common forms of collar are come in either a neck collar or a leg collar. (TSUNG TA WU,2009) Propagation range is highly significant since it is a fundamental factor that determines the maximum distance between nodes and therefore the node density. (HOCK GUAN GOH ,2009) Battery is a limited resource for collar and in the system design it is always targeting to achieve to a longer operation life span. (BRUCE STEPHEN , 2009) Challenges imposed from adaption of wireless sensor networks in agriculture and farming have been studied and evaluated. These schemes enable up-to-date animal statuses being feedback to farm manager , with the...
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