Nestle Culture and Work Ethics

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Nestle is a multi-national company whose headquarters are in Switzerland, and all the policies are made there. They made two types of policies which are as follows:

• International Policies suggested by corporate

• Develop internal business


Nestle is a human Company providing a response to individual human needs throughout the world with specific concern for the interests of both its consumers and its employees. This is reflected in its sense of responsibility towards people. Nestle aims to increase sales and profits but, at the same time, to raise the standard of living everywhere and the quality of life for everyone.

Nestle is also convinced that what it is because of people which gives strength to the Company through their commitment and energy. Involvement of people at all levels starts with appropriate information on the Company’s activities and on the specific aspects of their work. Through open communication and active co-operation, everyone is invited to contribute to improvements enhancing Company results and personal development.


“To become the first nutrition health and wellness company

Our vision is to become good with people “


Apart from its commitment to safety and Quality and its respect for diversity, Nestle is committed to a number of cultural values.

1- Adding Values

1.1 Program

1.2 Modernism

1.3 Result focus

2- Dealing With Others



3- Opening Up

3.1 Bold

3.2 Inside

3.3 Curiosity

3.4 Service Orientation

3.5 Know Yourself

4- Inspiriting People

4.1 Lead People

4.2 Develop People

• Practice is being Preached Personal relations based on trust and mutual respect. This implies a friendly attitude towards others, combined with an ability to communicate openly and frankly.

• A personalized and direct way of dealing with each other. This gives a high level of tolerance for other ideas and opinions.

• A more practical than rigid approach to business. This implies being realistic and basing decisions on facts.

• Openness and curiosity for dynamic and future trends in technology, changes in consumer habits, new business ideas and opportunities, while maintaining respect for basic human values, attitudes and behavior.

• Pride in contributing to the reputation and the performance of the Company. This calls especially to cultivate a sense of quality and long-term achievement in the daily work.

• Loyalty to and identification with the Company.

These values come partly from its Swiss roots and have been developed during its history. They are also developing to support to reshape the Company.


Their values are best expressed through their Aspirations and Beliefs, that everyone at the company shares and practices every day.


They aspire to be the best company in the beverage industry and do this by:

1-Building Customer Loyalty

2-Inspiring Employee Passion and Commitment

3-Consistently Achieving Key Business Objectives

4-Constantly improving their Company and developing employees


Their beliefs provide a base for decision-making. They guide individual actions on a daily basis. They say

“What we do and who we are. We believe in”


1. Nestle provide their employees with resources to lead like an example.

2. High cultural values give high employee performance and he becomes proactive.

3. At nestle there is no nepotism, they belief no one is your relative and everyone is your relative.

4. Don’t misuse things and don’t mislead customers....
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