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Topics: Water crisis, Drinking water, Water Pages: 3 (826 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Ranjit Kokardekar
Nestle – Corporate Sustainability Practices:
Environmental Sustainability: Global Water Challenge

XLRI - Jamshedpur

Introduction: By 2030, demand for water is forecast to be 50% higher than today, and withdrawals could exceed natural renewal by over 60%, resulting in water scarcity for a third of the world’s population (source: 2030 Water Resources Group). With more than two thirds of all water being withdrawn by agriculture, food security is also at stake if we are not able to solve the world’s water crisis. Increasing supply and improving efficiency will only take us so far. Environmental Sustainability Initiatives: Nigeria: Optimizing water reuse and efficiency Agbara manufacturing complex which houses two Nestle manufacturing plants has implemented efficient process in place leading to a reduction in the water ratio and an annual water saving of 100000 cubic metre. Its own water treatment facility achieves the legal limits of COD 90mg per litre and BOD (Bio Chemical Oxygen demand) of 50mg per litre for treated effluents. Philippines: Recovering and Reusing rainwater Lipa factory collects rainwater from catchment areas and supplies it to the cooling tower for use as make up water. This is expected to enable the factory to reduce its overall water withdrawal by around 10000 cubic meters. Environmental Sustainability Rational: As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé too, at every level, depends on reliable access to clean water, in order to maintain its ability to meet their consumers’ needs. Nestle as a leader has a lot of responsibility towards its consumers therefore care deeply about water and remain committed to act. Nestle looks at meeting the water challenged in a distributed manner as stated below:  Public Policy o Committed through action oriented dialogue which includes Farmers and Policy makers  Direct Operations o Embed sustainable water management into business so as to reduce the overall...
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