Nestle Csr Case

Topics: Developing country, India, Sovereign state Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Nestlé has plans to begin operations in Monrovia, a developing country. You have been asked by the government of Monrovia to research the organisation and write a report highlighting the arguments for and against Nestlé having a presence there.

According to the Nestlé website, Nestlé is the Swiss company which produces and sells nutrient product such as cereal, water and coffee etc. This company has operated in 103 countries all over the world. Moreover, the sales of Nestlé last year were around CHF 110 billion. This report is to give recommendation to the Monrovia’ government highlighting reasons to support and against the presence of Nestlé in this country.

There are two supporting arguments about Nestlé. Firstly, investment of the company in the developing country as Monrovia will boost the economy of the country by creating the number of jobs and bringing revenue to the counrty. Nestle’ has been employing around 28,000 people all over the world. Moreover, its products also bring the income to the host country by selling across nation. In India ,for example, according to the Nestlé media (2011), the company employs around 6000 people and brings more than 3.5 million to the country.

Secondly, Nestlé help the food security problem in developing country. According to the Action-Aide (2011), there were billion undernourished people in 2010 and one in six people ,mostly in developing countries, today suffer from hunger . Nestlé help to solve this crisis by produce more cheap and nutritious food. “Our unmatched research and development capabilities have enabled us to create products which offer improved, affordable nutrition to consumers in all segments of Indian society.” According to Nandu Nandkishore, Nestlé’s Executive Vice President (2012).

However, there are three major arguments against Nestlé as well. The first topic is the unfriendly activities to the environment in term of the production of the company. According to the Greenpeace Blog...
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