Nestle Corporate Social Responsility

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Research and Analysis Project

Corporate Social Responsibility policies,
with the business ethics and their impact on business practice and key stake holders.

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This report is focusing on the analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility policies, business ethics and their impact on business practice and key stake holders of NESTLE. The report covers areas related to the perception of corporate social responsibility for Nestle, the ways and methods adopted to discharge it at their best of the ability and the impacts of its performance on its various major stakeholders. In current times where every business is striving hard to achieve its financial objectives,there are some who are above the line in achieving this objective, their success is not merely as a result of their good management and operational skills. The additional thing which adds to the overall flavor of success for a business is merely a mixture of a true balance between give and take. If you acknowledge what you get from society and give them back their share,they will certainly contribute to a business’s long term and growth. This is a key for success for many of the multinational companies. This report helped me understand the practical aspect and the importance of delivering the corporate social responsibility for an organization. It also helped me to realize the importance of acknowledging a business’s duties to the society in which it operates especially in the modern business era where it is much difficult for any corporate organization to isolate itself from the society at large. It is the era of cooperation and coordination to achieve the maximum from the resources at one’s disposal. Unite and reap is the motto of 21st century. My overall journey of research of NESTLE’S corporate social responsibility was very amusing,it helped be identify and appreciate the company’s efforts to try its best to give back to the society in which it successfully operates.

The aim of my report is to analyse the performance of NESTLE PAKISTAN regarding its discharge of social responsibilities and the measures adopted by the company in achieving its social objectives. This report is about Leadership for Corporate Sustainability and how NESTLE have collectively evolved an integrated approach to embedding a sustainability mindset into their systems, people and process through CSR strategy which states that enterprises must also follow Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the aim of profit maximization. The main aims of the research project will be:

* To analyze the delivery of corporate social responsibility of NESTLE PAKISTAN. * The impact of its deliverance of its social duties.
* The effect of the measures adopted by the company on its relations with key stakeholders such as the suppliers, customers and the society at large.


Information has been collected from a number of sources including direct contact with some of the associated employees of NESTLE PAKISTAN. I am thankful to them for their support and assistance in helping me to articulate my views and understanding about the corporate social responsibility discharged by NESTLE PAKISTAN. Because of the wealth of information available at the website of NESTLE PAKISTAN, there was no specific need for collecting primary information. Therefore almost all sources used are secondary sources. The BPP study guides for papers ______were strong sources for my basic understanding of the base of corporate social responsibility The report on NESTLE’s corporate responsibility was also referred for quotations and pictures and graphs.


Henri Nestlé founded Nestlé in 1866 in Switzerland. Nestlé means ‘little nest’ in Swiss German. Nestlé first customer was a premature infant who could...
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