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  • Published: June 29, 2013
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Nestle is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company today and was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé. It has employed around 250,000people and has factories or operations in almost every country in the world. Nestle is the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company today. Being the world's leading bottled water company is based on a firm economic model: strong brands, global presence, innovation capacity, environmental stewardship and passionate people HISTORY:

Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist, developed a food for babies who were unable to breastfeed. His first success was a premature infant who could not tolerate his mother's milk or any of the usual substitutes which eventually became the first Nestlé’s customer. After Nestlé's new formula saved the child’s life and soon, Farine Lactée was being sold in much of Europe. After the major invention in 1874, Jules Minaret purchased Nestle and collectively they launched the condensed milk. In 1905 Nestle merged with Anglo-Swiss which was an condensed milk company. Soon after Nestlé established its roots all over Europe to cater the need of the customers of Europe, as Nestle fame was on the top so Nestle thought to start the production function all over the world to increase the customer demand and meet or capture more markets. Decision to go multinational was a fruitful idea, so as now nestle has operations in America, India, England, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and various other countries around the globe. Nestle are now in all seven continents & having more than 522 factories in83 countries.

Organizational structure of Nestlé is hierarchical.

Our Vision:
Nestlé’s global vision is to be the recognized leading Nutrition, Health and...
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