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Executive summary

NESTLE is world’s largest food manufacturer. Headquarter of NESTLE company located at Vevey, Switzerland and was built in 1867 on humanitarian needs and social responsibility when Henri Nestle, a trained pharmacist, developed a healthy and economical alternatives source of infant nutrition to save the life of an infant who could not be breastfed. NESTLE was operated out of 84 countries whereas NESTLE began in Malaysia in 1912.

Nestle company actually bring convenience to everyone in the world. In Malaysia, Nestle is a famous company for everyone, if you ask anyone what is chocolate drink they take every day, normally the answer is Milo, and others like instant noodles called as Maggi. This is because Nestle Company do a lot of promotion and advertising every year.

We found that Nestle have some challenges that bring by their weaknesses and threat from the environment and generate some problems, such like the materials used in the products, some case problem like child labour and so on.

NESTLE also understand what customers wants and they was succeed to satisfied customer in way to promote their products. Otherwise, they also do a lot of innovation on theirs existing product to advance the good taste and high quality of their products. So that’s why NESTLE is the world’s largest food manufacturer. Besides that, products of NESTLE are suitable for everyone.

From this report, we have founded that NESTLE was implemented several of strategy to achieved successful in the market. For instance, NESTLE was implemented marketing mix strategy (product, price, promotion and distribution), target market strategy, segmentation and positioning. They was did a lot of research and development (R&D) and innovation on their products to satisfy customers need.

In conclusion, if a company want to survive in the market, they need to work hard and need to know what is the consumer wants to satisfy them. Nestle is one of the succeed company in the world.

2.1 Background and History of Nestlé
The vast Nestlé Group started humbly ~ with the vision of one Swiss chemist, Henri Nestlé. At a time when there was high infant mortality in Europe due to malnutrition, this dedicated man began experimenting with nutritious food supplements to overcome the problem. In 1867, he was approached to help an ailing premature infant who was unable to accept his mother's milk or any of the conventional substitutes. The infant began to take the milk food supplement he had developed, and a life was saved. The product, called Farine Lactée Nestlé, was soon marketed throughout much of Europe, and a new brand name began to take on life.

Henri Nestlé (1814 - 1890) The Farine Lactée Nestlé - first product.

The Nestlé Coat-of-Arms
Henri Nestlé adopted his own coat of arms as a trademark in 1867. Translated from German, Nestlé means little nest and the now-famous symbol is universally understood to represent nurturing and caring, security, nourishment and family bonding. These attributes are still the guiding legacy for the company Henri Nestlé founded as it fulfils its commitment to 'Good Food, Good Life.'

The Nestlé Coat-of-Arms.

Nestlé, Bringing 'Good Food, Good Life'
As the leading Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company, Nestlé is the provider of the best food for whatever time of day and for whatever time of your life. Nestlé has grown to become the world's largest food company offering more than 8,500 brands and 10,000 products. With its headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland, Nestlé has more than 456 factories spread over 80 countries, and employs more than 283,000 people.

2.2 The Vision, Mission and Objective of Nestle company
Research is a key part for Nestlé. Without R&D Nestlé could not have become the food industry leader in nutrition, health and wellness....
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