Nestle's Proposal for Finane

Topics: Marketing, Nestlé, Ice cream Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 15, 2012
David Ho
English 100w
Nestle vs. PepsiCo
Individual research proposal
David Ho has selected Nestle as the company to compare to PepsiCo. Nestle is the largest food company in the world measured by revenue. Nestle products includes baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals, coffee, dairy products, candy, ice cream, pet foods, and snacks. Nestle’s most popular brands include food products from various categories such as Cerlac, Pure life water, Cookie Crisp cereal, Kit Kat, Crunch, Toll house, Power Bar, Dreyer’s Ice cream, Nesquik, Milo, Juicy Juice, Nestea, Lean Cuisine, and Jenny Craig. I will compare the following categories of Nestle to PepsiCo. * Marketing

* Finance and Accounting
* Human Resource and Management
* Operations
Like PepsiCo, Nestle is a global snack and beverage company, and it uses various global marketing strategies to sell its food (Kit Kat, Crunch, Toll house cookies, Power bar, Dereyer’s Ice cream) , and drink (Nesquik, Milo, Juicy Juice, Nestea) products. Here I will compare the amount of money Nestle and PepsiCo spends annually on advertising and how each company uses demographics to target and attract their consumer interest. Nestle and PepsiCo both have strong innovations to enhance lives, although Nestle has been doing it longer, they both are very successful in this innovation. Marketing strategy plays one of the most important roles in any business as it is the main factor in successfully advertising and selling of any products and services. Marketing catches the eyes of consumers into wanting to buy the company’s products. It is important to bring about this factor as one of the most important keys in a successful company. Finance and accounting

In addition to marketing a firm’s products, the finance area of business is crucial to starting and maintaining a company.  To open or start a business, many sources of finance are needed, such as grants or loans, to buy essential equipment required for...
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