Nestle's Organizational Structure

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1.1 Establishment and development history of Nestle
Nestlé’s origin date back to 1866, when two separate Swiss enterprises of George Page and Charles Page were founded that would later form the core of Nestle. In September 1866, Henri Nestle developed a milk-based baby food, and soon began marketing it. This kind of milk which was named Farine Lactee Henri Nestle was designed for babies who can not absorb breast milk in order to decrease the fatal rate of newly-born babies. The very first success of Farine Latee did save lives of thousands newly-born babies, which brought it an opportunities to spread throughout Europe. The merger of the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company and Farine Lactee Henri Nestle gave birth to Nestle S.A as it is nowadays. Nestle first came to Vietnam in 1916 with a wide range of products that became very popular to generations in Vietnam. In 1990, it came back with an ambition of expanding business in Vietnam market, followed by the decision of setting up a representative office at Ho Chi Minh City. In order to have a comprehensive understanding about development process of Nestle, it is necessary to have a look at the important limestone in its history which is presented as follows: 1866: It was founded by Henri Nestle

1905: It was merged with Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk
1907: the large scale production was started
1914: the production doubled with more than 40 big factories 1920: beside the traditional products appeared the new production with the product line of chocolate which then became the second important sector of Nestle. New products with comprehensive research were launched continuously such as malted milk, Milo, rice flour soup for babies. 1938: Nescafe was born

1940: Nestea was introduced
1947: Nestle was merged with Alimentana SA, the producer of MAGGI 1960 – 1971: Nestle acquired several famous brands over the world like Crosse & Backwell, Findus, Libby, Stouffer, Movernpich Ice-cream. 2007: Novertis Medical Nutrition, Gerber and Henniez took part in Nestle GLOBE (Global Business Excellence). About Nestle Vietnam which is now Nestle S.A’s subsidiary, it is now based at Ho Chi Minh City and set up an office in Hanoi with factories in Dong Nai, Hung Yen, etc. producing instant coffee Nescafe, instant tea Nestea, Milo, cereal flour Nestle, MAGGI, milk flour COFFE-MATE, etc.

1.2  Nestlé’s products
Nestle products in Vietnam are categorized as follows:
[pic] The Milo breakfast cereal is a nutritious energy cereal that brings the benefits of the whole grains, carbohydrates and vitamins that the body requires to help perform at its best. The greatest taste of MILO that everyone knows and loves, will contain their taste buds too. [pic]Nestle Corn Flakes serves up a tasty breakfast; it contains 10 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and iron for a nutritious start to the day. [pic] Nestle Honey Stars is a star-shaped honey coated cereal with a delicious out-of-this world taste. Nestle Honey Stars cereal is made with the goodness of whole grain and it provides eight minerals, plus iron and calcium. [pic] Nestle Koko Krunch is a delicious cereal with a rich chocolate taste that kids love. Made with the goodness of whole grain, Nestle Koko Krunch cereal provides eight essential minerals, plus iron and calcium.

Chocolate and confectionery
[pic] Nestle 3 in 1: a kind of instant coffee combined with milk flour Nestle Coffee Mate and sugar [pic] Nescafe Café Viet : Strong coffee with traditional tastes of Vietnamese coffee. [pic] Nescafe Redcup : Instant coffee without milk and sugar for different consumers with various tastes. Dairy

[pic] Mom & me: It is especially for pregnant women and who breastfeed babies.

[pic] Lactogen Gold 3: for children at the age of 1 to 3 with beneficial nutrition for their comprehensive development. [pic]Nan Pro 3: With Protect Grow, Nan Pro 3 can meet the nutrition requirement of children during the...
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